Prime Diploma Certificate

Prime Diploma Certification is a brand under Prime Innovation Institute of Technology which was establish in the year 2010 as a technical institute empowered to create modern technical experts that are long needed to grow and impact our economy. It is duly approved and fully accredited by the Board of Technical Education (NBTE) to provide solutions to or offer information and communications technology (ICT) services as well as corporate trainings. PIIT is an ICT institute that offers enriching ICT program. As a pioneer and leader in the field of IT education, PIIT has amassed a rich experience of over 11 years in the field. The company develops and deploys learning solutions for its clientele ranging from young school children to working IT professionals to major companies. PIIT offers a wide range of solutions across various segments.

PIIT PDC Courses

Web Development
✓. Html5
✓. JavaScript
✓. Css3 Java
✓. Python/PHP C++

Programming Languages
✓. C#<
✓. Java
✓. Python
✓. C++

Professional Diplomal Courses
✓. Data Science
✓. Artificial Intelligence
✓. Machine Learning
✓. Software Testing

Kids Coding Club

Prime Kids Coding Club is an initiative from Prime Innovation Institute of Technology aimed at identifying and developing IT skills needed for children intellectual upbringing and to train them on how to use various modern technologies. Prime Kids brings children of like minds to study, get skilled and compete amongst themselves on the latest revolution in IT. It also develops rich curriculum and modules for the school to help tailor and build kids on a successful IT career path.

PIIT Kids Coding Courses

✓. Basic Computer Operation
✓. General Computer Knowledge
✓. Computing Engineering
✓. Digital Marketing
✓. Graphics Design
✓. Web Design