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CISCO Certification Training          
Nowadays, there a lot of competition in the IT industries and this cause employers to be longing for the CCNAappropriate and skillful people to keep the banner of their company flying. So, finding the right job equivalent to the degree of your certificate is quite difficult, having a computer degree   
is not enough in competing for the little and better position in an IT company.  The way out is to be equip with the right and modern practical knowledge that will place you above your equal, building of profile and being dynamic in your career make you imperative as you become more and more valuable to the industry. Professional certifications give you better opportunities in all IT industries.

Cisco certifications are widely recognized in the world. Especially in Telecommunication and Core Networking industries. In fact, Cisco certifications such as CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) have become major and basic requisite in many telecommunication industries in the world. There are lot of certifications offered by Cisco, the above mentioned are just the prerequisite in-line to expertise level.

CCNA takes you through the understanding and applying networking concept in any area of information Technology where it is needed. As it is one the basic requirement in over 80% of ICT industries in the world and other companies in other sector. This is because most sector now rely on the power of Information Technology of which Networking is crucial.

To be certified as CCNA member, you have to pass two exams.
Some of the courses you will come across in your CCNA training  are listed below:

•    Network Topologies             
•    OSI Reference Model
•    TCP/IP Protocol Stack
•    Switch and Router Configuration
•    Router Hardware Components
•    Bridges and Switches
•    VLAN Connections
•    Dynamic Routing Protocols
•  Distance Vector Protocols
•  SPF and EIGRP
•  IP Access-Lists
•  NAT


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